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The MacSparky Field Guides are a series of high-quality, tech-savvy video courses and ebooks about getting more out of technology. Lately, computers have been more of a hindrance than a help. But it doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to be more productive with your Apple Technology in these professionally produced, and thorough courses on how to become more productive with your Apple gear.

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About David Sparks

Your sensei for this journey to productivity is David Sparks. David grew up with computers and used them to great effect as an attorney for nearly 30 years. David also is the co-host of the popular Mac Power UsersAutomators, and Focused podcasts. David publishes the MacSparky blog and hosts the popular MacSparky newsletter. Over the years David has written many books about productivity using Apple Technology and has spoken at numerous venues including Macworld Expo, the American Bar Association, and the Federal Judicial College.

In a world where technology is increasingly conspiring to steal our focus and attention, David's goal is to teach you how to be more productive with Apple technology. If used correctly, your technology can stop being your biggest source of distraction and start being the tool that helps you achieve success. That's David's point with every one of these Field Guides.