2 - Getting Started

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Get started with Hazel.

Video Transcription

To get started with Hazel, head over to noodlesoft.com. That's the developer's website. 

Hazel's an application that's primarily developed by one person, Paul Kim. He's a great guy. And he spends all of his time making sure this is the most awesome Mac utility you can ever have. I'm a big fan of Paul's.

You can buy the application right on the website in the store. Hazel version 4 is $32. You can get a family pack for $49. So five members of your household can run it. And if you've already bought a prior version, you can get an upgraded version 4 for $10.

You're going to have to buy Hazel directly from noodlesoft.com, though. You're not going to find it in the Mac App Store. To sell an app in the Mac App Store, applications have to follow these very complicated sandboxing rules that Apple has. Because of the power in Hazel, it simply can't do that. So don't look for it in the Mac App Store. Go buy it from Noodlesoft direct. When you're ready to go, click on the Buy Hazel button or the Download button to download the trial.

I'll go ahead and download the trial.

I've got the Finder open on my Mac. And I'm looking in my Downloads folder here. And you can see I have downloaded the Hazel installation disk image, and also my license that I purchased.

So let's go ahead and install Hazel.

I'll first double-click on the disk image and agree to the terms. Then Hazel's going to open up this installer. If I double-tap on that, it's going to go ahead and install it.

Now, since I downloaded this from the internet, it's going to ask me to approve it. And I will go ahead and go Yes, go ahead and open it.

And in my case, it's asking to replace it because I have already installed it once. So I'll say, yeah, that's fine. Go ahead, replace it.

And now I've installed Hazel.

That's all there is to it.

To install your license, if you purchase a license–I've got my license file right here–just go to the Info tab and drag the license file over. Well, actually, let me make this easier to see. Drag the license file over the name. And it will install the license. And you're good to go.