2 - Getting Started (2021)

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Get started with Hazel.

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Alright, let's get started with Hazel. 

In order to download Hazel, you need to head over to noodlesoft.com. Noodlesoft is an application developed by a single developer, Paul Kim. He's a very nice fellow who makes an amazing app, spends all this time making Hazel. So, you know, you get a lot of great developer feedback and support with the application. I'm a big fan. 

To purchase Hazel, you can go to the store on the website. They've got various pricing models. They're now at version five. They have pricing for a single license, for a family pack gif you've got multiple members in your household, and they even have an upgrade price if you're coming from a prior version. 

You're not going to find Hazel in the Mac App Store and that's because it does some really cool magic that runs afoul of Apple's sandboxing rules. It's just not an app that you're going to find in the App store. You need to purchase it directly from Noodlesoft, so you go there to do that. 

In order to install it, you just go to the main page and click the Download button, and it will start downloading Hazel for you. Once it has downloaded, you go to your Downloads window. And once it's downloaded, just go to your Downloads window and click on the dmg file. And it's going to give you the license agreement. And it's going to open the file and it gives you this window. Now historically, Hazel was found in the System Preferences, but now it's an independent application. And I'm going to address that later in the videos talking specifically about version five. But this is the version five installer. You just double-click that, and it's going to install an app on your Mac. Because it's from the internet, I need to give it approval. And I have an existing copy here, so I'm not going to update the existing copy. But you would click OK here to install Hazel. 

And then once you've installed it, now you'll be able to see it with the application as opposed to the preference pane. So I'm going to open Spotlight and type in Hazel here and then open it up. Let me just center that window. And that is the new ... whoops, there we go. 

That is the new Hazel application. And it is an application now, not a System Preference. Starting with version five, there's a brand new interface and I'll be covering that and some of the updated videos for version five. But here's Hazel.

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