4.2 - Launching Shortcuts in Shortcuts


The easiest way to trigger a shortcut is just to trigger it in the Shortcuts application. 

I'm going to open up this English to Spanish translation shortcut that I have. And it's a simple shortcut. You dictate some text. It translates it from English to Spanish, and then it gives you the translated text. If I wanted, I could change the languages. There's a bunch of them in here. But I live in Southern California. I've got a lot of Spanish-speaking friends, and I want to be able to speak to them. 

So, here we go. I can hit the little triangle right here to run the shortcut. Or I can hit the same triangle in the shortcut name. So, I'll do that. Hello, how are you today? And there it is, translated to Spanish. 

So that's the easiest way to run a shortcut. Hit the Run button. 

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