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´╗┐All right, let's take a look at the Calendar plugin. To get to that, I'm going to go to Community Plugins, Browse, and they are by default sorted by most popular. You can see Calendar is the fifth most popular, but it's a great little plugin. Go ahead and install that.

That's all there is to it. It's installed now. We're going to go ahead and enable it. Whenever you download a new plugin, you can see that there's some nice instructions here about how to use it. Alright so we've got it installed.

Now I'm going to expose the sidebar on the right and you can see there's a new button there for the calendar. If I click that, it shows me the calendar. And the calendar plugin has the current month on it. You can move between months as you go through it to see future months. And each day has a little dot next to it that shows you that it is connected to that day's daily note.

So I'm gonna go over here to the 17th, and now that just jumped to the daily note for the 17th. The dots represent the word count and the associated note. So you can see 17th has one and a half dots, whereas the 25th only has one dot, and there's nothing on that one, so that's a very small one.

There are some settings for the calendar plugin. If I go back to the plugins, and you'll see under community plugins, now there's a settings screen for calendar. And as you add additional plugins, see that menu item grow. You can set the number of words per dot here. You can designate whether weeks start on Sunday, Monday. I always like Mondays, so I'm going to switch that to Monday and you can see it's already reflected in the calendar. If you show the week number, it adds another column here and that allows you to create a note related to the week, so it's basically a weekly note setting. And again, just like the daily note, you can have note formatting templates and the folder where they go. and you have the ability to override the local preferences if you want.

So I've got it all set now. If I wanna create a weekly note for this week, I just hit this 21st. It says would I like to create it? Yes, I would. And there you can see week 21 of 2023 has its own note associated with it.

I find the Calendar Community plugin essential, particularly if you're going to be using the daily note. If you're not using the daily note, it's not as essential, but it is nice having a plugin that can always give you the calendar in the upper right corner of Obsidian.

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