The Obsidian Journey

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´╗┐Before we get started on this Obsidian journey, I want to talk about the journey itself because of all the applications I've used over the years, I feel like none of them have had a more distinct journey than Obsidian, and I see this not just in myself, but most people that I know that get on this Obsidian train.

So let's just talk through what you're gonna go through. First is you're interested in this application. It's such an interesting application. It's not like anything we've ever seen before. It's largely built on this plugin architecture, so it's very open to changes and further development. It doesn't really fit in on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, or anything, because it's this Electron app, and you're just interested as you get in it. And it can be a little overwhelming, but there's a learning curve, and as you start to get over that learning curve and you start figuring it out, the Nipsyteon gets to kind of the next phase, and I call that the amazing phase.

Because people start to learn the power of Obsidian and how they can do almost anything they want with words in this application, and they want it to do everything. They move their calendar, their journal, their diary, their task system, anything they do with words, they wanna now do in Obsidian, and because there's so many plugins, they can probably do a decent job of it. But there is a phase where people get so into Obsidian that that's all they use. I went through that, I've witnessed a lot of other people go through that, and for some people, that's where the journey ends. They just use Obsidian for everything. And once you get through this course, you'll see how you can do that.

But for most people, I feel like there's a third stop on that journey. And that is what I call the useful stop. And that's where you get past that idea of doing everything in Obsidian, but you start to get a good idea for the stuff that really works for you in Obsidian. At that point, you find your balance with the application. There are so many plugins, there are so many things you can add to the app, but that doesn't necessarily make them always the best in breed. There may be a third party app that does one thing better and you decide, well, I'm gonna keep that out in a third party app, I'm gonna do this other thing in Obsidian, and you find your own balance.

And that is really the goal of this course, to get you to that point. So just to summarize, first, it's interesting, you're a little nervous, you're not sure if it's worth it, then you think it's amazing, and then you get to the point of usefulness. And it is that word "useful" that I wanna get to with this course. As we get through the course, you start to understand what you can do with Obsidian. By the end, I'd like you to find your own personal, useful balance with Obsidian, where you can make it work for you. And that is definitely possible.

So let's get started.

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