The iPhone Camera App


Let's start out with an overview of the Camera app for the iPhone. This entire section of the video is largely dedicated to this application. But I thought an overview is in order.

When you get to the lock screen on your phone, you have the ability to open directly to the Camera app by tapping on the camera icon in the lower right corner. You can also just swipe from right to left to get to the Camera. This is a great way to get your Camera quickly before you miss that perfect shot.

There's a lot going on in the Camera app. To begin with, you've got the viewfinder where you're looking at whatever the subject is.

At the top, you've got some status icons that show you where things stand.

And then at the bottom, you've got the different camera modes, and of course, the shutter button.

The lower right corner has the button to switch the lens from the front-facing camera to the rear-facing camera. So whether you want to take a selfie or something in front of you, that's the button you press. 

Currently, this camera is set in Photo mode, which is the standard mode to take a photo. But I can scroll through those if I want. Sliding to the left gets me to the Video mode, where I can start shooting video. Once more, it gets into the Slow Motion mode. And then once more, to the Time Lapse mode. There are dedicated videos to all these different modes in this section. So it's okay. This is just the overview. You can go watch the detailed videos to learn more about these if you want. 

Now I'm heading back to the Photo mode. And you can see here, I'm feeding snacks to the puppy while I'm taking pictures. And then once more over to the Portrait mode, and then the Panoramic mode. And again there are videos on those as well. 

Now I'm going to return to the Photo mode, but I'm going to tap the little up-facing arrow at the top center of the screen. When I do that, I'm going to get an additional set of tools at the bottom of the screen. So here I go. 

And now I've changed from the different camera modes to specific tools based on the selected camera mode that I'm in. I'm in Photo mode here. So there are several available to me. I've got the flash button, night mode, live photos, the aspect ratio for the images I'm going to shoot, the timer, and the filters button all now directly below the viewfinder. When I tap on the flash button, it gives me the flash options. As you can see, I generally keep the flash off. I talk about that more in the flash video in this section.

Next, if your iPhone supports night mode, you've got the night mode settings and timer. And then is the toggle for the live photos. I've currently got them turned off.

Next, I can choose the aspect ratio for the photos I'm going to take. Like here, I just set it to square. And you can see the viewfinder changed. Now I'll go back to four-thirds. And the viewfinder changes again.

Next is the timer mode. I keep the timer off and generally shoot pictures directly when I press the button. But if you set it on a tripod or maybe want to take one of those big group photos, where everybody gets in front of the camera, you'll want to use the 3-second or the 10-second timer.

And then next is the filter mode. And you can see these are live views of the filters available. There's a whole video in the course on filters. But it's kind of cool that you can apply them live while you're taking the images. This is actually a problem for some people. They get those filters turned on, and they don't realize they did it. If you have family members or friends that aren't quite so sophisticated, and all of the sudden, their photos look a little off, you may want to check to see if they haven't turned on a filter. 

Now I'm going to hit the arrow button again to return to camera modes and slide over to Portrait mode. Different options appear depending on what mode you're in. For instance, in Portrait, I can scroll through the different lighting modes while I'm looking at the pup here. That's a good one. You can see, as I took that Portrait mode picture, I tapped on the screen on the dog's face to make sure it got focused right in on the dog's face, and then snap the image. 

And then over to Video. To capture video, all I have to do is set to Video mode, and then press the red button to start recording. You'll see a timer at the top of the screen showing you that you’re recording video. Well, now that my model has given up on me, I think we've got to the end of the overview. 

All of these photo modes are going to get covered in additional detail in this section with specific videos for each one. But I wanted to get started with a nice overview before we do that.

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