The Photos Interface on the iPhone


Let's start by taking a look at the iPhone Photos interface. I've got the Photos app on my Home screen. I'm going to tap the icon and open it up. And you can see there's a great picture there of me and my wife. Along the bottom you've got four tabs, Years, Months, Days and All Photos, and we're gonna go through those in separate videos so you can get a better idea what they are. But the whole point of the Photos interface on both the iPhone and the iPad is to make your pictures the big stars.

And if you look at the very bottom, we've got these four icons across the bottom: Photos, For You, Albums, and Search.

It's got the Photos view now and this is where you can drill into your photos through the Months, Days and even All Photos view. All Photos is where you get to see every picture you've taken. That's gonna be a lot of pictures if you take a lot of pictures. So you may want to go back a little higher to the Month, Year and Date view, but this is just a great way to find your images.

The next button, the For You button, is going to show you Shared Album activity, like we have a Shared Album here. Somebody posted a picture of the dog the other day and then there’s going to be Memories that are created and there's separate videos explaining what Memories are and how they work, and they're kind of awesome.

It has Featured Photos which are great to look through.

It's got suggestions for effects. 

And then you've got the Albums button where you've got not only the albums you create, but it's got the Shared Albums, you’re parties too. And then it creates basically albums based on metadata that the application finds like People and Places, and all of these things are going to get their own separate videos, so you understand them better.

And it also sorts them into different photo types. Like I want to see all the selfies I've taken from the Selfie camera. There they are.

And this is just a great place to kind of find collections of your pictures.

And then finally, there is a Search button, and the Search button is really powerful. Separate video on that coming.

But there you can also see Moments, People, Places, Categories. You will see overlap between these various views.

Apple just wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find your picture. So no matter which one of these buttons you tap on there's probably a pretty good way for you to find what you're looking for. This is fodder for a lot of additional videos we're going to have in this course but I just wanted to start with a general overview. So there you have it.

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