Editing Overview on iPhone and iPad


Apple Photos isn't just a great place to organize and collect your photos, it’s also a great place to edit them. With the Apple Photos tools all you have to do is hit the Edit button in the upper right corner and this section of this course is gonna go through all of these tools but just to give you an overview.

In the upper right corner, the ellipsis button gives you the ability to send your photo to a third-party editors to make additional changes. There's a whole video on that.

Then across the very bottom, you've got three basic toolsets. 

You've got the Advanced tools, which I'm on now with this dial.  

You've got the Filters, and you’ve got the Crop and Rotate tools. 

Sometimes you will also see a tool show up here for Portrait mode. 

And anytime you make a change, the Revert button will show up on lower right corner so you can always revert an image back to original.

Going back to the Edit tools, the Advanced Edit tools, there's a whole lot of them, they do a whole lot of different things. I've got videos explaining how all this works.

With the Filters, you've got a bunch of different filters you can apply. 

And then, of course, with Crop and Rotate, you can do large rotations or you can do fine scale changes. 

There's a lot to this and a whole bunch of videos in this section to explain how they all work, but I just wanted to give you an overview of these tools on the iPhone.

Let's take a look over at the iPad. The iPad works largely the same.

You've got the Edit button in the upper right corner. If you tap on that, that gets you to the Edit tools. In this case, instead of being along the bottom, they're on the left side.

This is the Portrait icon I mentioned in the iPhone video, it wasn't there, but this is a portrait photo so the Portrait tools show up.

But you've also got the Advanced tools, the Filters and the Crop and Rotate tools.

You've also got the Revert button but this time it's up in the upper right corner, and the ellipsis button which allows you to edit that in a third-party editor.

Where the tools generally appear on the bottom, with the iPhone, they appear on the left and right sides of the iPad. Other than that, though, the tools work exactly the same, and as I'm gonna show you throughout these videos, working on both, the iPad and the iPhone, you can make some really powerful edits to your photos on these mobile devices.

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