Daily Alarms

Want to set up some daily alarms? Let Shortcuts do the work.

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Daily Alarms


Here’s a simple script that solves an everyday problem.

I like to set alarms as I work through my day. Sometimes, they’re tied to appointments, sometimes they’re not. When they’re not, I just set them as alarms on the iPad or iPhone.

There’s three, I usually have the wake-up, the take a lunch break, and the go home or for me shutdown timer around 5 o'clock. This is a simple script. It just has those three alarms. And you can go in and change these if you want.

You just click on the Time and you can change the time to whatever you want. Let's make this 6 a.m. And you can change the name of them as well, just click on them, and then you're good. But once these are set, you just run the single script and it sets all three alarms for you every day. I do it on a daily basis. That way, when I get to the weekend, if I don't set them, they don't go off on me.

You could also build this one yourself from scratch. Just go up to the Search bar and search for create alarm, drag it over and then start customizing it.

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