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If you like this course, I've got more MacSparky resources for you. And I really appreciate your support. That's how I keep the lights on. Head over to to get a complete listing of all the currently available courses. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. Please check them all out.

A few I'd like to point out are the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide, which is the Mac version of Shortcuts. If you like Shortcuts for the iPhone and iPad, you're going to love Keyboard Maestro on your Mac, and that course came out great.

If you need some help with your tasks, I recommend OmniFocus. It's my favorite task management app. And this Field Guide can not only help you get started, it can help you master the application.

Do you want to automate documents and files on your Mac? Check out Hazel. There's a Field Guide just for you.

Also, I've made a series of Mac Tips books with my friend Brett Terpstra, there's Volume 1 and Volume 2, both available at

I also still have some iBooks, authored books in publication, including Paperless, Presentations, Email, and a book on Markdown.

Regardless, thank you so much for your support and purchasing this Shortcuts Field Guide.

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