Triggers Overview

Triggers are the starting point of your Shortcuts automation.


Hey, gang, I'm back. And I'm here to introduce the section on triggers. Triggers are where the magic happens with a shortcut. It's the very first event that kicks off the automation. You know, an automation is if something happens, then other things happen. Well, that first something is the trigger.

Now traditionally, in Shortcuts, there weren't very many triggers. You could push a button on your screen, if Siri was going to cooperate, maybe you could make it happen with your voice. But starting with iOS 13, Apple added a bunch of new triggers. And now there's all sorts of cool things you can do like a certain time of day or when you arrive at your home or even connect to a WiFi signal. I've got a bunch of them covered in this section.

Each trigger gets its own video explaining exactly how it works and how you can connect it with actions to make your own automations. So dig in, enjoy this section, and get really good at triggers.

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