iPhone Interface Overview

Here’s an overview of the Shortcuts interface on the iPhone.


So let's take a look at the Shortcuts interface on the iPhone.

I've got Shortcuts down here in my dock, I'm going to go ahead and open the application. And when you open it, you get this long scrolling list of all your shortcuts. Now, I have a much longer list than most folks, so yours will probably be a lot shorter. But looking at the bottom bar where it says "My Shortcuts," yeah that's in blue. I've selected that. This is where you see the list of your shortcuts. So you can go through and you can activate them.

If you tap on the ellipses next to one, you can open it up to edit it or if you just tap on the shortcut itself, you can activate the shortcut and kick it off. If you tap the edit button, you can select them for deletion or copying and you can also move them around. And I've got a separate screencast all about that. Looking at the bottom bar, and we've looked at My Shortcuts.

Next is Automation. An Automation is a new feature. It's showing up with Shortcuts, version 3.1. So if you're watching this before 3.1 ships, you won't see it just yet, but it's on the way and Automation is one of my favorite new features of shortcuts. Here, you've got the ability to look at, not only your home automation, but your personal automation, Shortcuts you build, there's a whole bunch of content in this Field Guide all about these new automations. Particularly in the triggers section, you'll see a bunch of new triggers covered. But just to navigate this, you can-- you can just scroll down to see the shortcuts. If you tap on one, you can see the actual shortcut, so you can go through and edit it.

Also, you can add a new one by hitting the little plus button in the blue circle in the upper right corner. And when you get there, you get two choices, you can go to a home automation, which is kind of traditional home kit automation, where you can create a personal automation that blue one. And that opens up the world of these really cool automation triggers that we're gonna cover in great detail in this Field Guide.

And then finally, on the bottom of the screen, you've got the gallery button. I'm gonna tap that and this gets you a list of cool shortcuts that have already been built for you by the team at-- on the Shortcuts at Apple. So you can download specifically built Shortcuts that are all ready to go.

So if you don't get enough from the stuff I'm giving you with this Field Guide, you can go here and find even more, here's one, When Do I Need To Leave By? So I'm gonna just tap that and I can add it to My Shortcuts installation and now I've just added that new shortcut.

Once again, there's a separate video on this gallery as well, so you can have fun with that.

One thing they've added that's kind of interesting is the Shortcuts from your apps. This is where Shortcuts will look at the apps you have installed and suggest automations from things you've done with them recently. This was available on earlier versions on Shortcuts, but it's better and more accessible now that it's in the gallery When you're on the My Shortcuts screen, if you want to create a new Shortcut you can either scroll to the bottom and tap the button to create a new shortcut or you can hit the plus button in the upper right corner and that will kick off a new Shortcut for you. Once you've got it started, tap the ellipses button next to the name. That way you can put a name in for the Shortcut and change the way the glyph and the color of the Shortcut appears and a few other settings, this-- as well as covered elsewhere in the Field Guide This is just an overview. And to add new actions, you can just tap Add New Actions and you're off to the races.

One thing to note about Shortcuts is that the settings are outside of the application. They're actually in the Settings application. So let me go over there right now. I'm opening up the Settings, I'm gonna scroll down to shortcuts, there it is. And you can see there are some things you can set up as well. This is where you can give Shortcuts permission to get your location. The iCloud Sync allows you to sync your shortcuts between your devices. I've been using this throughout the beta and I've had no troubles. This was a big mess when shortcuts was new with iOS 12, but they seem to have linked it now. You can also sync the shortcut order which is something I like allowing untrusted shortcuts super important if you're gonna download the stuff I'm giving you with this Field Guide, through that switch and you can install the link to Shortcuts I'm going to be peppering throughout this Field Guide. And I explained that again in the video on how to download and install Shortcuts in this Field Guide.

So there you have it the interface for Shortcuts on the iPhone.