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Want to copy all of your calendar events today to next Thursday? Try this.

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Copy Day Shortcut


Here's a shortcut that arises out of my block scheduling but, I think a lot of people gonna use it.

What if you had a set of events on one day, and you just wanted to copy them to another day. You can do that with a shortcut.

I've got one here called "Copy Day." You can download it in the attached download file to this video. I'm gonna hit the ellipsis button to go ahead and open it up. And it's not a super-complicated shortcut but there's a few tricks in here.

The first one is, we're going to ask the user what's the source day? You know, what is the day that you want to copy? And that is going to be asking for a date and time. And the reason I put time in there is, so you can select time of day. Maybe you only wanna copy the events from noon instead of the events from 6 a.m. And then, it's going to add one day to that, because later we're going to want to look in all the events that take place between the source day that you pick and one day after that. That's the selection you're gonna make to copy.

The next thing we need to figure out is the destination day. And we need to know when the destination day is and how many days are between the source day and the destination day. So, we do a command here. Get time between source day and destination day in days. So, we've got every piece we need now to go ahead and put this together. We're gonna find all calendar events where the source day is between the source day and the adjusted date. So, that's looking at that first block with source day and the adjusted date, which is one day after. And then we're gonna show that list to you and you're gonna be able to choose from that list. And you'll be able to choose multiple events and this is one of those where we select all initially because usually if you're going to want a copy date you're gonna want to copy all of the events. And then with each item we're going to do a repeat with. Now each selected item, we're going to add the time between the dates. That's the number of days between them then we're gonna add that number of days to each repeat item. And we're gonna do that for both the repeat item which gets you the start time and also the repeat item for the end time. And then we're gonna add that event with that adjusted date in the calendar, So, if I start on Monday and I pick events for Wednesday it's going to add two days to each one of those that are created on Wednesday.

Let's see it in action. I'm gonna go ahead and hit the play button.

For the source day I'll go ahead and pick this Friday and we'll start first thing in the morning. And I'm gonna pick for my destination today ... two days after that, the Sunday, which is September 01. Now, it's gonna run through and do all that work. I've got to work out, I'm not gonna select that. But I've got Field Guide Production and Legal Work. So, scrolling down. I've got Legal Email and Shut Down later in the day. So, let's go ahead and just copy those four items to Sunday. I'll click done. And it's gone and done it for me. If I go over to my calendar, you'll see there's Friday the 30th and then on Sunday the first I've got the exact same four events that I copied and created. But I did not grab the workout. I had a different one already scheduled for the same day earlier in the day.

Like I said, sometimes you're gonna get a block schedule exactly like you want it. And why not use a shortcut to copy that and paste it into a future date. You can do that with this shortcut.

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